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Our award nominated company was formed by Marissa Landy in 2018.
We strive to make work that tackles difficult and sometimes sensitive subject matter through the form of absurd comedy. Our mission is to create work that celebrates unheard voices in order to facilitate positive change and inspire political art for ill-supported communities. We work to make uncomfortable subjects accessible as a means of sparking conversations.  With influences from Samuel Beckett to Fawlty Towers, Baloney Theatre Company will always offer you a ridiculous time.

Marissa Landy

Founder and Artistic Director

Marissa Landy is a writer, composer, director and actor who writes to make change. All of her work up to now with Baloney has focused on health (mental and physical). She started her writing career at Queen Mary University and after completing her Masters at Mountview she went on to develop Baloney Theatre Company. Every year she looks to explore what boundaries Baloney can push and will continue to make and seek work that does just that. Credits include: 'Same Old, Same Oldies' (director and writer), 'The Cat's the Thing' (performer and writer), 'Begonias' (performer and writer), 'Manic Monologues' (composer), 'Publico' (actor), 'Twelfth Night' tour (actor) and 'A NON-EMERGENCY' (performer and writer).

Cristina Jerney

Director of Operations

Cristina Jerney is a London-based actor, writer, and marketing professional. Her unique background includes two theatre degrees, as well as previous marketing management positions for two London start-ups. A skilled communicator and project manager, Cristina is very pleased to bring the breadth of her experience to Baloney Theatre. Credits with Catapult Theatre Company include, 'Proud to be Here', 'All Girl Band' and currently they have a Christmas Concert in the works.

Lani Calvert

Writer in Residence

Lani is a performer and writer who trained in musical theatre at Mountview Academy of Performing Arts, and loves using puppetry and comedy to explore socio-political issues. Her previous theatre credits include: writer and performer in Canal Cafe Theatre’s NewsRevue, The Wicked Witch of the West in DK Productions’ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Evil Enchantress in DK Productions’ The Beauty and the Beast and Dominic Cummings in Blowfish Theatre’s national tour of Boris the Musical 3. Lani is also currently writing a comedy musical cabaret.

The Room Upstairs
Written and performed by Lani Calvert
Directed and composed by Marissa Landy
Edinburgh Fringe 2024
31st July-26th August

One ‘invisible illness’, lots of puppets, a self-deprecating actor, far too many biscuits and a sprinkle of absurdity all can be found in the room upstairs. But can you handle the journey up?

This atmospheric show raises awareness of ME, an ‘invisible illness’, through the lens of a mother/daughter relationship. Based on true events, this play with original compositions explores how this condition gradually penetrates every element of someone's life and proves how sometimes laughter is not only the best medicine, but often the only one that's available.
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Woodrow Auditions Live
Written and performed by Marissa Landy
Edinburgh Fringe 2024
31st July-25th August

78-year-old Woodrow is finally getting a chance to pursue his dream… becoming an actor! He’s prepped his monologues, brushed his teeth and is ready to audition. And you will be the casting directors!

Baloney Theatre Company is back in Edinburgh with their wackiest show yet. Expect to see cowboys, chaotic car salesmen, crocs, and lots more! Woodrow will do just about anything to get a role. Written and performed by Marissa Landy, this sketch show is silly, whimsical and totally bonkers.
Current Projects - Ed Fringe 2024 image
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Fundraiser Link

We're fundraising to help cover the costs of bringing 'The Room Upstairs' to Edinburgh Fringe 2024 for a full month run and pay our talented creatives. A little goes a long way, so we're grateful for anything you can spare for the show! Edinburgh Fringe has become increasingly expensive na doe are aware that we will need to raise around £6k but we are aiming to reach £3k by the end of 2023. 
Baloney Award 2023 image
The Baloney Award gives one student from Mountview Academy of Performing Arts an opportunity to perform at Wanstead Fringe free of charge. Coaching is offered from the Baloney team and help with marketing.

Robot Penguin - Offie Winner
Writer and performer - Andrew Atha
Technical Manager - Beckett Gray
Production Assistant - Julia Blomberg

18/19/20/21/22 September 20:15 at The Bull Wanstead

“A little less Attenborough, more cybernetic furry Louis Theroux”
Emperor Spy Cam A10N3 has returned from his Antarctic investigation for the BBC.
In his performance review he’ll be covering his infiltration of a penguin colony, struggles to adapt to their complex and contradictory society, and his code-breaking feelings towards one of the subjects.

 The best demonstration of humanity that I have seen at the Fringe this year. True, raw, realistic, poetic, beautiful theatre. 

Edinburgh Fringe Audience Review

 Best show we have seen. Please go. Original. Heart warming and real. Needs to go on nationwide tour as needs to be seen. 

Edinburgh Fringe Audience Review

 I'm a paramedic and have been for 7 years and nothing ever gets to me, I'm never emotional over a job. BUT, the story with Nina had me crying out of nowhere! I think it reminded me strongly of a job I've been to, but never thought about since, and seeing it from an outsiders perspective brought all kinds of emotions I didn't know I was bottling up. Thank you. 

Wanstead Fringe Audience Review

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